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Here you can download either our complete 2009 Catalogue (28 pages, 9MB) or smaller brochures (single pages taken out of the catalogue) that may be of interest to you.
If you download the entire 28-page catalogue, there is no need to download the remaining brochures which are all included in the 28-page catalogue.
on these materials to have them opened on your PC screen.

Right-click on them and select "save target as" to save them to your hard drive.
2013 XMD 3D CNC Routers brochure2013
A new 8-page brochure with details on our XMD series of CNC routers.
MegaPlot Foam Cutters CatalogueMegaPlot
P 60 SeriesP
A 1-page brochure on our smallest P 60 series of foam cutters.
T SeriesT
A 1-page brochure on our 1- or 2-wire T series of foam cutters.
MW seriesMW
A 1-page brochure on our industrial 10-wire MW series of foam cutters.
P, T and MW Series Description & ComparisonP,
A 5-page comparison of all available series and models.
FoamShaper - 2-page brochureFoamShaper
A brochure on our FoamShaper software, its features and screen shots.
TurnTable - 1-page brochureTurnTable
TurnTable - an optional tool available with the majority of our cutters.
Lathe - 1-page brochureLathe
Lathe - an optional tool available with the majority of our cutters.
ShapeWire Tool - 1-page brochureShapeWire
ShapeWire Tool - an optional tool available with the majority of our cutters.
DoubleWire & Pneumatic Wire TensioningDoubleWire
DoubleWire = 2 cutting wires and the Penumatic Wire Tensioning can replace the standard Spring Tensioning.
Официальный сайт MegaPlot (English): www.megaplot.com
Official manufacturer website (English): www.megaplot.com